WikiLeaks Reveals Usual Spying and Hacking Strategies of the CIA

After revealing the different issues about the Central Intelligent Agency (CIA) for the past months, Wikileaks is again revealing the strategies that the agency is using to hack different electronic units, according to the reported news through


Based on the shared information online, the CIA’s known technique Vault 7 series has the capacity to spy ordinary individuals who are using their electronic gadgets on a regular basis. Meaning, the United States-based intelligent agency has the capacity to survey their targets through mobile phones, smart television units, various Android units, iPhones and even through WIFI connectivity.

The hacking strategies of the CIA do not exclude anyone because they are capable of spying even those inside the house, if necessary or wanted.

Like the revealed “Dumbo” program of the agency, it can manipulate different types of security systems for homes and can control the Microsoft Windows OS by changing the function of the involved microphones and webcams. Likewise, they can manipulate or corrupt records of videos, as detailed on the news.


WikiLeaks also revealed about the agency’s codename 24 “zero days.” According to the information about this spying technique, the CIA can exploit as well as identify even private information from different people and collect them without the knowledge of the owners. They discovered this kind of tool to the Android OS of Google and it can affect almost 85% Android smart phone users worldwide.

This is particularly those who are using Sony and Samsung units.

As for those who are using iPhone units from Apple, they need to be aware of the revealed spying or hacking strategies that the CIA is using. According to the reported news of, the central agency does not exclude iPhone users from their hacking techniques or strategies. They actually have a particular division on the Valut 7 series that particularly targets Apple units such as Macbook and iPhones.

They recognized this tool as “NightSkies” and different online news had revealed this few months ago. With this kind of strategy, the agency can manipulate the targeted devices using their own command through penetrating the factory setting of the iPhone units.

As for those who are using WIFI connectivity, the intelligence agency also has the software known as the “Cherry Blossom” and it targets, manipulates and monitors connected Internet users through their electronic devices. Furthermore, the CIA utilizes a malware “Elsa” in tracking down devices that are WIFI enables through Microsoft Windows. The agency can quickly determine the information location of the user and do the monitoring without any consent to the person.

In line with this issue, a report from the on March revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) instructed Apple in 2016 to rewrite its Operating System to allow them penetrate a locked iPhone device utilized by an attacker in San Bernardino, California.

Unfortunately, Apple did not agree and the FBI needed an outside party to break the involved phone.

The different hacking and spying issues of CIA began to spread online with Edward Snowden exposed the activities of the NSA in secretly spying many digital and phone units. Snowden is actually the former contractor of the National Security Agency (NSA).

From the statement of WikiLeaks on March, it revealed that the CIA has clear knowledge on the different attacks, which include those from Microsoft, Apple and Google.

“Serious vulnerabilities not disclosed to the manufacturers places huge swathes of the population and critical infrastructure at risk to foreign intelligence or cyber criminals who independently discover or hear rumors of the vulnerability,” as detailed from the press release of WikiLeaks and quoted by the news. “If the CIA can discover such vulnerabilities so can others,” it added.